Ongrowing cage farm

In Souda Bay, a pilot aquaculture net pen cage farm is operating since 2000.

Currently the unit consists of 16 cages 6x6m (each with the possibility to form 4 smaller of dimensions 3x3m). In addition, there are 4 circular cages with diameter of 12 m. 

Part of the energy requirements are covered by photovoltaic cells and a wind turbine.   The operation of the unit is served by a floating platform and a storage hut.

Several species (E. sea bass, g. sea bream, meagre, greater amberjack) are reared in the unit.

The facility has been used for experiments in the Diversify, and the Aquaexcel2020 projects.

The farm serves the implementation of research projects aiming the improvement of the fish performance and development of husbandry practices.

A submerged cage, operated at 45m depth, was installed in the frame of a regional project using TL technology.

It was used for the rearing of red porgy resulting in the proper coloration of the species.

The study of fish behavior during standard rearing conditions and during stress using video captures and hydro acoustics targets to understand the physiological mechanisms involved and to develop methods – indicators for monitoring and management of farmed populations during the production process.

Among the research interests of the group is to understand climate change implications in the Mediterranean aquaculture. 


For this, thermal tolerance trials are performed with meagre, E. seabass and g. amberjack to define species-specific thermal preferences. 

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