Tech Lab

Tech Lab: The new requirements for the better management of the farms and also for the “offshore” aquaculture have led to the creation of a  new laboratory. The concepts of precision farming and automation are in the core of its activities.

New tools towards human free operational schemes are developed for cage farming.

An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for frequent monitoring of cage integrity and net condition has been developed and demonstrated . The AUV system uses advanced machine vision techniques and connects to communication networks to alert upon problem detection. The system is developed within the TAPAS project.


Biomass estimation is a major issue in cage aquaculture as sampling is time consuming and stressful for the fish. A system for the automatic estimation of fish biomass and in particular the individual fish size using stereoscopy is developed in the frame of the Performfish project

The continuous on-line monitoring of various parameters during rearing for a better management in farms is studied in the iFishIENCi project where our group is involved in the development of tools for the monitoring of fish behavior aiming improvements in feeding and husbandry practices. The new “i-fish” project is also aiming the development of management tools for cage aquaculture.

Our group was involved in the development of offshore concepts for multipurpose oceanic platforms, developing the aquaculture module with emphasis on the synergies with other activities, proposing technologies and analyzing the economic characteristics. The work in the frame of the TROPOS project resulted in the design of multi purpose platforms that combine wind energy harvesting and aquaculture activities.

Towards the development of tools for the better management of farms, a computer-based Decision Support System (DSS) has been developed in the frame of the Climefish project to help farmers anticipate climate change effects in the Greek aquaculture. For this a GIS application with the location of the GGreek farms has been also implemented.

The Tech Lab has recently won 3 new projects to further develop its activities.

The “i-fish” project aims to develop tools for the better management of aquaculture cage farms.Two other projects are related to the development of new material for aquaculture nets. The first explores the characteristics of different materials and techniques (, while the second aims the pilot scale application of the findings.

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